The Waves

Gatefold sleeve
Double album on 180g HQ vinyl, containing 11 songs
plus CD, containing 9 songs

Featured guests: Arjen A. Lucassen, Wouter Hakhoff & Pearl Cheng

Illumion - The Waves

Side 1:

- Ember [9:17] - Adamantine [6:05] - The Craft Of Memory [4:51]

Side 2:

- A Tale Of Kings [6:13] - Sorrows End [5:59] - Espirando [6:51]

Side 3:

- Mystify [6:02] - Canvas [7:23] - The Waves [6:45]

Side 4 (bonus side, not on CD):

- Elegy Of Treason [5:49] - Sorrows End (Acoustic version) [5:29]

Guest Musicians:

Pearl Cheng: Guzheng on 'Mystify' & 'Espirando', Wouter Hakhoff: Trumpet on 'Sorrows End', Arjen A. Lucassen: Voice on 'Mystify'.

Music by Illumion, Lyrics by Eveline van Kampen

Recorded at 'The Granny Attic studios', additional recordings at 'Slater III studio'
Produced, mixed & mastered by Peter H. Boer
Artwork, package design and cover photo imaging by Jeroen -
Cover photography (original) by Glennis Siverson
Additional photography and imaging by Jankees Braam at Ixion Music

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