Illumion Members

In 2002, after her graduation from the conservatory of Alkmaar, department Guitar Jazz & Pop, Eveline van Kampen wanted a band to give the music in her head a concrete voice. Illumion is progressive, symphonic rock music with definite feminine edges. Historical and literary themes form the basis for the lyrics, closely interwoven with the mysticism of the human mind, creating a world of intangible fantasy.

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Eveline van Kampen

Electric and acoustic guitars, Erhu, mandolin & backing vocals.
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Esther Ladiges

Vocals & percussion.
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Peter H. Boer

6-string fretted and fretless bass, Stick, double bass, Taurus3 & backing vocals.
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Gerton Leijdekker

Keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars, guitar-synth & backing vocals.
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Tom Rutgers

Drums & percussion.
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