Esther Ladiges:
Vocals & percussion

Esther Ladiges - Vocals Voice Influences
Kate Bush, Daniel Gildenlow, Peter Gabriel, Fish, Tori Amos, Christy Moore, Jacques Brel, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Maria Callas, Marco Beasley (I don't think there is a singer in the world I can't learn from)

Other Influences
Lazuli, Rush, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Yes, Allan Holdsworth, Fredrik Hermansson, Arjan A. Lucassen, Planxty, De Dannan, Arvo Part, Mahler, Wagner, Puccini, Purcell, Palestrina and too many others to mention here

Equipment used:
Shure SM-86 or SM-87
K&M Starline roundbase stand

Other Interests
Animals and animalcare, reading, plants and gardening, painting and working on other people's musical projects

Other bands/projects
Unicorn: (no more)
Ixion: (project)
Ayreon: (project)
Ulysses: (project)