Peter H. Boer:
6-string fretted and fretless bass, Stick, double bass, Taurus3, backing vocals

Esther Ladiges - Vocals Bass Influences
Geddy Lee, Michael Manring, Tony Levin, Anthony Jackson, Alain Caron, Chris Squire, Gary Thain

Other influences
Rush, Yes, Allan Holdsworth, Pain of Salvation, Mahler, Wagner, Monk, Mingus, Dream Theater, Puccini, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel

Peter uses:
Ellio Martina fretted & fretless 6-string basses
PHB fretted & fretless 6-string basses, 8-string bass and Stick
Moog Taurus3

ADA MB1, Digitech DHP-33, Lexicon Reflex & The Ebow.

Other interests
Running "The Granny Attic" recording studio.
Recording and producing other people's music
Building basses, guitars, furniture. Cooking & Whisky.

Other bands
Songs Of The Exile