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Illumion myspace :

Illumion Facebook

Illumion Facebook :

Bandmember's other bands

Songs Of The Exile featuring Peter & Gerton
Unicorn No longer featuring Esther on vocals and percussion:
Ixion featuring entire Illumion in various roles: (project)
Ulysses featuring Peter on bass (live) and Esther on backing vox (album):
Ayreon featuring Esther on an album: (project)
Dwaalspoor featuring Peter on double bass
Entropy featuring Esther on an album: (project)

Other bands

Knight Area, Dutch Prog:
Enochian Theory, British Prog:
Toyz, Dutch Instrumental Prog:

Other links

The Granny Attic, Peter's Recording, Mixing & Mastering Studio:
Freia Music, our record company:
Freia Music Webwinkel, webstore of our record company: www.mijnwebwinkel/freia-music
Symbioses music, Ulysses bookings and other stuff:
Box of Doom, enclosed speaker enclosures: