Reviewer : Daniel Eggenberger
Points : 3 out of 5.

Review - Hunting for Significance

Normally I can blindly trust that anything that Progress Records releases pleases me 100%. The label is known for all kinds of retro- resp. neo-oriented progmusic. With Illumion they are treading in strange waters and enter into unusual territory. The music, that the Dutch quintet around songwriter Eveline van Kampen plays, I find more belonging to New Artrock. On top of this I recognise influences from more hardrock oriented bands like The Gathering what, throught the female vocals of Esther Ladiges, clearly gets underlined.
I must admit that I'm clearly not belonging to the fans of female vocals, although I must admit some exceptions. Compared with male voclas, female vocals to me often sound too much alike. Ladiges' voice does become over time a bit monotonuos and boring. On top of that I simply think that the songs offer to little excitement. The lyrics certainly are special and interesting, but for me the compositions need to take the front and they cannot convince me totaly yet.

In spite of all critique it has to be said that the band know their trade and they will find their buyers. Listeningtips from my point of view "Scarlet sin" (my favourit) or "Metamorphosis", that really works mystical. Especially when the monstrous basspedals are used, it pleases me most. But also the guitarmotiff to the beginning of "The prophesy" really works. Cool also is the synthsolo.

Result: A band that needs growing. They should stay true to their style, but in my opinion the music should become more refined. Also I would welcome more room for spherical moments.