Metal Maidens : Issue no. 39

Review - Into the Labyrinth - Demo CD

3 TRACKS: Silent Breeze - Into The Labyrinth - Breathing Room

This three song promo CD contains sixteen minutes of nice prog rock music.
The band consists of three ladies and two male members, and I hear some very good musical ideas in these three songs. The complex structures of the songs, show us that the band is not chosing to do things the easy way.

Lengthy instrumental parts and the clear vocals of Esther Ladiges (ENTROPY) in opener "Silent Breeze" bring bands like FATES WARNING to mind, in a slightly lighter version.

In "Into The Labyrinth", Esther's voice reminded me a bit of the vocal parts of Liselotte Hegt (ex-CIRRHA NIVA), which may also be a nice comparision for this band.

There are touches of KATE BUSH and TORI AMOS in her voice as well, in this song. The jazzy part in the middle of the song, make the music also a bit lighter. The guitar solo of Eveline however, sounds just perfect.
The CD closes with "Breathing Room", which contains a long instrumental part plus impressive drum and guitar part. There is definitely potential in this band, and this promo is the first step on the ladder to a hopefully bigger success.

We'd like to thank Willem of AFTER THE SILENCE for making us aware of the talents of these five musicians.