Several reviews to our albums

Reviews - The Waves "This is such a great listen, that for the first time in two decades I shall go out and buy this album on vinyl!" " Illumion's 'The Waves' is simply spectacular!"
Background Magazine: "Illumion really impressed me; this is what prog rock should be like!"
Progressive Rock and Metal: "Brilliant and fantastic, an amazing album and an incredible band, highly recommendable..."
Get ready to Rock: "Well, happy days are here again with this fabulous release from Dutch neo/symphonic progmeisters Illumion"
iO pages: "Illumion cannot be compared to anything and that is, in this day and age, a formidable achievement"
Planet Mosh: "A complex and extremely good album"
Progwereld: "Illumion is a luminous star at the Dutch musicheaven."
Your Music Blog: "If you are into progressive rock and metal, I strongly recommend checking this out, it will not dissappoint"
Progulator: "Once again, the Dutch music scene shows that it cranks out top notch female-fronted heavy music"
Musikreviews: "Illumion does not unlock itself without effort, but the time spent with their music does pay off"
Lords of Metal: "The warm and powerful voice of Esther Ladiges lifts this band to a higher level on top of this skilled play"
Aardschok: " Illumion creates a mystical, sometimes even exotic, world, where a dreamy atmosphere is added by
Singer Esther Ladiges"

Reviews - Hunting for Significance

Sea of Tranquility MJ:."Another power – packed album from Illumion. Two in a row"
Prog-nose: "A group to watch"
Melodic Hardrock Today: "When it comes to progressive rock albums so far this year, I feel this stands forward as a highlight"
Artrock: "Delivers in full a supercompetent progressive disc, that gives a taste for repeat listenings"
DPRP Menno: "A welcom addition to the genre of �female fronted metal� but a truly original one"
DPRP Edwin: "If you like prog with female vocals then this album is recommended"
MerlinProg: "We look forward to several significant albums from these musicians from the clog country."
Metal Maidens: "ILLUMION is just the band for people, who want to hear something else"
Proggies: "Especially when the monstrous basspedals are used, it pleases me most"
Aardschok: "'Hunting for significance' is certainly a grower"
iO Pages: "This enlightened company hunts for recognision and, in my opninion, seems to succeed very nicely"
"Hats off to Lady Van Kampen"

Lords of metal: "The flowing, beautiful guitar solos is what speaks to me most"
Angelfire: "Definitely a CD to check out asap!"
Prog-mania: "A group to be discovered"
Metal discovery: "Illumion's debut album is certainly a solid effort music-wise"
Music in Belgium: "This first opus of Illumion is very succesfull!
Progwereld:"This album has an international shine.- A curtsy and applause are in order"
Progression:"If ever a band showed promise of really going somewhere, it's Dutch group Illumion via this stunning debut"
Hardsounds:"A disc that gets to full hands from bands like Ayreon and Stream Of Passion"
The Rocker:"A thoroughly enjoyable debut, here's hoping it's the first of many"
Streetswebzine:"Quite simple an awfully agreeable and relaxing album"
Sea of Tranquility SR:"As debuts go, Hunting for Significance is a good effort"
"One that leaves me strongly intrigued as to what album number 2 will sound like"

Review - Into the labyrinth

Metal Maidens:"There is definitely potential in this band"